Back when he was seven years-old and fighting for attention at the podium of his father's mayoral inauguration, it may have been harsh to call Andrew Giuliani a brat. Now he's twenty-two and suing the Duke Golf team for getting kicked off by coach O.D. Vincent after several incidents of bad behavior that included throwing an apple at one of his teammates.

Andrew and his mother Donna Hanover met with reporters at the driving range on Randall's Island to discuss the suit filed last week. Hanover says that the photo above of the UCLA Golf team for Golf Digest allowed by Vincent back when he led their program shows the coach's poor sense of judgment, but members of the UCLA squad said there was no pressure from their former coach (one player said, "We were very fit and you could see it.").

Giuliani is suing to regain his spot on the team and the scholarship from Duke which included lifetime access to the university's state of the art golfing facility. Within the lawsuit is an email to Giuliani from five of his former teammates saying they no longer wanted him on the team. And a source tells the Post Giuliani seemed "entitled" and "got a little pushy" after Vincent discussed the athlete code of conduct with players.

This fall will be Andrew's final year at Duke, after which he says, "My plans are still to become a professional golfer."