Andrew Cuomo, a golem made entirely out of ambition and brought to life through terrible magicks, took some lumps for suggesting that Donald Trump could be "a bonus" for New York State. Never let it be said that Cuomo doesn't know which way the wind blows though, because Cuomo has come out against Donald Trump after people questioned his liberal bonafides.

Cuomo executed a flawless 180 after everyone got mad at him, also known in political circles as "the dril maneuver," this weekend after people blasted him as being too glib in the face of a Trump presidency. First, he wrote a message on Facebook in which he said that the state of New York has "fundamentally different philosophies than what Donald Trump laid out in his campaign."

Cuomo followed that up with an editorial in the Daily News in which he reiterated that while he'd love to work with Trump on a new Penn Station and Tappan Zee Bridge and LaGuardia, Trump is no bonus to New York:

"But while we honor America by honoring the results of the election, we will fight as fiercely as we can, at every opportunity that presents itself, to reject the hateful attitudes that pervaded throughout the 2016 campaign. We cannot unhear what we have heard. The voices of the Ku Klux Klan, white nationalism, authoritarianism, misogyny and xenophobia. A generally disdainful view of American ideals."

Cuomo's position as a top Democrat in the country will probably keep him from cozying up with Trump too much as the years go by, and who knows, maybe liberals will even be able to use his cynical political calculation as a way to push him to help Democrats retake the State Senate.