Paul Ceglia, the man who claims he actually owns 84% of Facebook, says his lawsuit would not have been possible without Attorney General Andrew Cuomo. Cuomo filed a suit against Ceglia, claiming he defrauded customers of his wood-pellet fuel company. As Ceglia began looking through old paperwork to find assets to pay back his customers, he stumbled upon the contract. He told Bloomberg News, "If this thing hadn’t happened the way it happened, no way I would have ever started looking through these ancient folders. That contract would just be sitting in there gathering dust.

Facebook had already called the claims "absurd," and suspects the contract is a forgery. But Ceglia threatens, "I’m coming after him [Mark Zuckerberg]. A deal’s a deal." Facebook lawyer Lisa Simpson (!) admits Zuckerberg did sign some contract with Ceglia in 2003, but Ceglia couldn't have a share in the project because Zuckerberg didn't think of it until the following year.

So what would Ceglia do if he suddenly found himself in charge of the social media giant? “If at some point in the future I start running Facebook, I guess I’m going to have to hire him [Zuckerberg] to keep running the company,” he said. “I really don’t have much interest in it." He's just interested in that ownership claim worth $21 billion he happened to forget about for the past six years. [Via Daily Intel]