There is so much drama in Lindsay Lohan's orbit that it's almost surprising she isn't embracing this jail sentence she just got slapped with. It's like a 90-day vacation from paparazzi, family, the internet, and whatever else is driving her to the very edge of sanity. But the troubled starlet is lashing out, and with that, she's getting criticized with poor baby-toned editorials in all the rags.

Over at the Daily News they call Lohan lucky, and say "she blamed everyone but herself. And then she literally gave the court the finger, with the message 'Fuck U' etched on her center fingernail." Yeah, about that...

Thanks to zoom lenses, her special manicure was spotted by just about everyone when photos were released from her hearing—but Lohan is denying it had anything to do with the court of law, and was just an inside joke with a friend. A public defender in NYC says, “she could have an entire extra sentence heaped on top of her current one" if the judge found she was in contempt.

Meanwhile, the manicure really got the easily-riled-up Andrea Peyser riled up, over at the Post she tells the pretty little trainwreck to go fuck herself! Seems like someone didn't take their meds before putting pen to paper—in the first paragraph she says "Linz desperately needs is a swift kick in the teeth, a foot in the backside and a broom with which to clean up her many messes, which I would not touch with a full-body condom." She goes on to note that LA is "a town of second, third and 23rd chances, the pathologically spoiled, drug-addled skank finally went too far, which is saying a lot in a place where a judge kissed up to girl-beater Chris Brown, and a jury actually freed OJ Simpson."

But does anyone really think Lindsay is going to jail for the full 90 days? Whatever, you know Dina is sending her over a Cookie Puss cake with some escape tools in it.