Well try moving to Oslo, baby, and see how that grabs you! You'll be wishing for one of those overpriced $6 beers in Williamsburg when you are paying $9.40 for some Carlsburg lager at a bar swathed in the perpetual darkness of a Norwegian winter! Check out this CNN Money article for the full list of the world's most expensive cities-- New York doesn't even make the top ten (we're 27th!) We used their data to calculate the highly unscientific list of prices below (yes, yes, yes-- we understand that some goods are more expensive than others, and that exchange rates do play into it-- but bear with us):


If you're looking for some city cheapness, the article recommends Asuncion, Paraguay, or Karachi, Pakistan. We'd also recommend the Bronx-- but five minutes ago we heard the last block had been gentrified, so you're shit out of luck there.