This makes those incriminating photos of you drunk on Facebook look like nothing. A series of family snapshots showing an alleged Colombo mob boss interacting with members of his crime family have taken center stage in the case against Thomas "Tommy Shots" Gioeli.

The photos in question were taken by Gioeli's wife and show the alleged mobster participating in social functions like baptisms, birthdays and holiday parties with other members of the Family. A lawyer for Gioeli—who you might remember suffered a stroke in jail last year after his bid to be released to do ill health was turned down—says that the photos are inadmissible as they were taken from Gioeli's house without a warrant. Which is where the story seems to come right out of a crime novel.

You see, the photos were obtained from the Gioeli's Long Island house by Andrea Calabro, wife of Dino "Big Dino" Calabro, as a way to curry favor for her hubby with the Feds. Both Calabros are currently in the witness-protection program. Lawyers for the prosecution say the photos (and an address book!) were given to Calabro with Gioeli's wife's permission. The defense—and you will never believe this—says they were stolen. It is now up to the judge to decide if they will be used.

Meanwhile, Gioeli's blog, written by his daughter, complained about the photos and their source earlier this year asking "how can [the Feds] call someone [Calabro] who could be so vindictive and deceitful to their own best friends a credible source?" We can think of a few ways...