snowy_gates_goth.jpgCentral Park! Belvedere Castle received 7.5 inches of snow from last night's storm, the highest recorded snowfall of any location within the city. The snowfall totals were within the Weather Service's prediction of 5-9 inches for the city. To see what happens when people perceive the snowfall as being less than predicted, see CapitalWeather. Newark wins the metropolitan area sweepstakes with 9.4 inches.

We may get another inch or so of snow this afternoon as an upper-level disturbance passes overhead, but there's not enough moisture in the air to give us more than that. Once that upper-level disturbance passes there's not much weather of any sort for the forseeable future. It will be chilly, though, temperatures are expected to stay below normal for a couple of weeks. March came in as a lion but will serve us cold lamb for the first half of the month.