2003_11_pokey.jpgThe Straphangers have announced the slowest buses in NYC and congratulations, Manhattan, you take the top honors, the Pokey, again! The M34, which travels crosstwon east-west on 34th Street, has an average speed of 4 MPH. Damn. Of course Manhattan buses are among the slowest, given the traffic they are dealing with, but stopping every two blocks - sometimes EVERY block - has always smacked of "huh?" to us.
However, some people make the best of the situation, saying it's a great way to see the city, provided you're on the right route. Gothamist just cautions anyone recommending their out-of-town friends to take the bus: Tell them not to take it during rush hour.

Other super slow buses in the other boroughs:
B63 - 5.4 mph; it travels between Bay Ridge and Cobble Hill
Bx13 - 5.2 mph; travels between Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and Upper Manhattan
Q24/Q32 - 6.9 mph; travels between Jamaica and Bushwick; Jackson Heights and Penn Station
S60 - 7.6 mph; travels between Sunnyside and Grymes Hill

There's a great chart of the different speeds of bus routes at the Straphangers; plus, the official press release. And while buses are slow, they can be handy, given that you bring a paper and can chill out.