We have achieved Thundersnow, people. If you're riding out the non-blizzard in downtown Manhattan or western Brooklyn this morning, chances are you heard the Thundersnow with your own ears in real life—now relive the wonder and glory all over again, enhanced by the power of social media:

#nycsnow just missed the lightning #thundersnow

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Thundersnow is a somewhat rare phenomenon in which a thunderstorm makes passionate love to a snowstorm. According to Wikipedia, Thundersnow is not thermodynamically different "from any other type of thunderstorms, but the top of the cumulonimbus cloud is usually quite low. In addition to snow, graupel, or hail may fall." (Graupel is the softer, gentler hail.)

Basically, it's cool when you hear thunder at the same time snow is also falling, you know? Gothamist staffers cited the first explosion of Thundersnow at 9:38 a.m., and other observers spotted lightning over lower Manhattan.

If you're not in NYC to experience this for yourself, watch The Weather Channel's Jim Cantore become the physical embodiment of Thundersnow back in 2015: