Score one, Citi Bike naysayers: The first bright blue bike has somehow been filched before the program even launched. According to the Post, the thief managed to make off with the ride as workers were delivering a fleet to Kips Bay rack around 6 p.m. yesterday.

The crew had been busy placing a load of the $825 rental bicycles into a rack at Second Avenue and 25th Street, and had not yet locked them in place when the thief struck.

Workers realized a bike was swiped only when a passer-by shouted out.

There has been plenty of gleeful speculation that Citi Bikes will be pilfered en masse and thrown in the East River before members even get their key fobs. While the locking mechanism has been described as "pretty much bombproof," we're certain that New Yorkers are still clever enough to find a way of destroying the bikes. Why should we have nice things?