The MTA has installed cameras in certain subway stations, according to the Post, to keep an eye on "suspicious activity." (I'm sure the Straphangers will like that, as it'll be the foundation for a plan to install cameras in all station to catch the crazy people who pee in the stations and make them reek.) Depending on where you are, Operation Atlas may be affecting your daily commute. Walking through Grand Central Terminal this morning, I did see a lot of police officers and military types, but perhaps that's because there were some news remotes happening there, but I really hate Jimmy Breslin for saying that the Times Square subway will be target #1, a fear that I have not wanted to utter aloud. Joyce Purnick points out that New Yorkers have lost some swagger with the start of the war. Not Jimmy Breslin, Joyce, not Jimmy Breslin.

The New York Times provides a handy news summary of what's happened so far