As human beings, we are doomed to eternal restlessness, struggling endlessly to sift meaning from the silt of a chaotic world. Are we content merely smearing poop upon the new Citi Bike racks? Will we rest on our laurels, having shattered the kiosk's glass? No! We must continue to fight, and we must fight with trash.

The residents of 150 Joralemon Street have expressed their disdain for the offending bike share racks by lumping their trash—and what appears to be recycling?—atop the stations, burying the bikes underneath.

“There just isn’t enough room,” resident Nina Hackler told the Post. “Something has to give — and this time, it’s the bikes.”

Like several other buildings, the co-op board has filed a lawsuit against the city in attempt to have the racks removed, on the basis that, as depicted, they're obstructing the city's trash removal efforts, and that residents were not properly notified of their arrival.

A Department of Sanitation spokesperson assured us he'd look into the matter, so we'll update this story when we know more.