When you start pulling April Fools jokes with Ryan Seacrest it's definitely a sign your 15 minutes are almost up, but the Bronx Zoo's cobra isn't going down without a fight! Or at least a name. As we noted last week, the Egyptian cobra that went missing within the Reptile House doesn't have a name, and apparently our nickname of "Everyone's Nightmare" didn't catch on, so the Bronx Zoo is running a naming contest with the Daily News.

John Sellers already suggested "Hissy Elliot," but the BronxZoosCobra Twitter thinks it should stay just that. The zoo is accepting submissions until 1 p.m. on Monday, and will announce the winner next Thursday. As for the snake's next fame grab, we're expecting a record deal featuring a hit cover of "Walk Like an Egyptian" before Hissy is busted for coke possession, lashes out at the paparazzi, and then stages a comeback charity concert for trapped reptiles everywhere.