For as long as September 11th has existed as a day of horror, people have been abusing it for their own gain, be it political or material. Less than 48 hours after the towers fell, T-shirt hawkers in Manhattan were selling "I CAN'T BELIEVE I GOT OUT" shirts emblazoned with images of the burning towers. Fast forward 13 years, and 9/11 was crassly marketed in the form of a cheese plate at the 9/11 Museum gift shop. In between and forevermore, businesses and brands have marked the occasion by trying to show us they're human and have feelings about horror.

You smelled the burning wreckage even months later, and so did AT&T and Beretta and some random Florida Walmart. There's only one thing all of this tone deaf commemoration has been leading up to: the 9/11 mattress sale. And now, courtesy of a Texas mattress store, September 11th marketing has reached its nadir.

Miracle Mattress, a San Antonio mattress store, shared the above ad this week on their Facebook page. The ad is down already, but the video of it recorded on someone's cell phone will live forever on YouTube, where you can already see it drew a number of those "open mouthed horror" emojis on Facebook.

The owner of Miracle Mattress has posted an apology letter on Facebook, and so we now live in a world where "An Apology to All the Victims and Families of 9/11 from Miracle Mattress" is a sentence that exists.

It's all dumb and exhausting and almost too ridiculous to exist, like something out of a MadTV skit about a mattress store that gets into real hot water because they did a 9/11-themed sale. And yet, while the video in which two employees of the store crash backwards into twin towers of mattresses is down, it appears the sale is still on, judging by the fact that Miracle Mattress hasn't deleted their tweet about it:

But find me a holiday or national day of remembrance that hasn't been turned into a mattress sale. Labor Day, President's Day, Memorial Day, Veterans Day, Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. That it took 15 years to get here is better than if it took 14 years, but you can't spill blood or struggle in America without someone, somewhere deciding that a discount mattress will be a great way to honor your sacrifice.