2006_06_wall.jpgOoh, an update to the story about an arborous dispute in the Bronx: Back in February, John Schwing complained about the neighboring new construction of an apartment building that would interfere with a tree. The incident is memorable because ABA Management ended up constructing its building around the tree (which is on Schwing's property, but its branches extend over the other property) - with the branches sticking out and everything. Fast forward to today, and it seems the ABA was issued a violation by the Department of Buildings, nautrally leading ABA to sue Schwing. That's right - the courts are the only place where these kinds of problems can be solved. The Daily News says the DoB violation was dismissed for an unknown reason; at any rate, ABA won a court ruling to cut down the tree's branches. Schwing is "numb" and upset, claiming he never received notice of when court hearings were. As the tree in question is an oak, the poetic justice would be for an acorn to take root under ABA's building and later make thing difficult.