Ducks in Central Park

The Daily News says that we're in for an old–fashioned winter. Though NYC won't likely see snowfall like last winter's 4 feet, meteorologists hesitate to guess how much we're getting, lest we take their word for it. One reason for the prognostication hesistation is that this season the area has been seeing more jet streams, leading to questionable weather. (We're just nodding our heads along as we try to bypass slush puddles.) The Mayor is probably devising a "sun dance" to summon warmer weather, as it costs $1 million to remove each inch of snow.

In the mean time, we'll enjoy the photographs of others who braved the snow.

rion: Snow at Rockefeller Center and the Brooklyn Bridge
Meccapixel: Snow at City Hall
Lightningfield: Snow in Park Slope
Zonageek: Riverside Park sledding
lauratitian: Pedestrians brave the snow
eshepard: Snowy streets
Bluejake: Snow in Central Park, where the ducks above are situated