2006_08_scanner.jpgAs the City Council hopes to strengthen its ability to shut down misbehaving bars and nightclubs, venues may need high-tech ID scanners to check their crowds. The NY Sun has a really interesting article about the technology - and its limitations. Card Scanning Solutions, which makes various ID scanning products, says they have been getting more calls from NYC clubs in the wake of an underage teen's night clubbing before being killed. And the Sun has three different perspectives about the machines:

- City Councilman Peter Vallone, who sponsored the tougher nightclub legislation, said, "The speaker and I support them. We believe they can play a very large part in the future of nightlife in this city. … I believe it's appropriate that they be mandated."
- Robert Bookman, the NY Nightlife Association lobbyist, said the scanners were fine but "We need some prosecution of people with possession of fake IDs. I think that would be a huge deterrent."
- A club promoter said that ID scanning may lead to longer waits and fights outside clubs, not to mention that fake ID makers will just make fake IDs better

Over the weekend, the police continued their "raids" of Chelsea nightclubs, arresting 11 people. It's unclear when the NYPD will stop, but as long as clublife is hopping, they'll be stopping by.