Following Swoon's fleet of artistic boats sailing down the East River last summer, another troupe of local artists plans to up the ante later this year. The Brooklyn Paper reports that they're currently planning on living aboard an eco-friendly barge for the summer months in a colony they’re calling the Waterpod. On board there will be solar and wind-generated electricity, a "greenhouse made from recycled materials" and not much else. Whatever they can grow in there, or catch off the boat, will be all they're allowed to consume from May through October. During those months there will also be on-board lectures, screenings and art events. The paper reports that "when they aren’t farming, fishing, or tending to their proposed chicken coop, the artists aim to educate New Yorkers about global warming, the risks of rising sea levels, and the concept of self-sufficient, nomadic sea cities." The route hasn't yet been determined, but if you're wondering how much this endeavor is costing, the figure is around $800,000.