For Yankee Stadium's last year - before a new park - Major League Baseball will be having the 2008 All Star Game in The House that Babe Built. MLB Commissioner Bud Selig said, "One of the biggest factors was George Steinbrenner. He has made wonderful contributions to this city and to the Yankees. Clearly one of the primary factors was to honor the city, the franchise and George Steinbrenner." Man, Selig makes it sound like Steinbrenner's going to die at some point! But we suppose MLB wants to honor Steinbrenner for driving up salaries so much. The Boss, who wasn't at the City Hall press conference, said he was touched.

Mayor Bloomberg said the game would bring $148 million in revenue to the city, and noted, "Considering the Yankees have gone to the World Series each time the All-Star Game has been played at The House That Ruth Built, I’m confident that baseball will continue to be played at Yankee Stadium well into the fall of 2008." We'll see your words come 2008, Mayor B. And the 2008 All Star Game will be on July 15.

As for the Mets, the new Shea Stadium might be the scene for the 2011 All Star game, if they are in by then.

Photograph of a slightly perplexed looking Mayor Bloomberg holding a jersey with MLB Commissioner Selig by Kathy Willens/AP