Insanity! Yesterday, Governor Paterson's office announced that "months of intensive negotiations have resulted in a general agreement and mutual understanding on the basic terms and conditions that will lead to the redevelopment of New York City’s historic Farley Post Office Building into a new intercity passenger train station and center for most of Amtrak’s New York City service." The NY Times says, "The deal, whose specifics have yet to be finalized or released, would clear one of the biggest hurdles facing Moynihan Station, which was first proposed more than 15 years ago and has struggled ever since." Last year, after various plans for revamping the gorgeous Farley building into the station had been presented, Madison Square Garden pulled out of the project to simply renovate its own building, leaving many to think the project was dead. Though NJ Transit has already agreed to use space in Moynihan Station, now Amtrak is apparently committed, with the government agreeing to give a bigger share of retail revenue. Guess Paterson really wants to be the the sheriff of Moynihan Station.