An Amtrak train derailed as it left Penn Station this morning and appears to have collided with a New Jersey Transit train when it came off the tracks, according to witnesses on the scene. New Jersey Transit service is suspended in and out of Penn Station as the train gets cleared off the track.

So far no injuries have been reported, but stay tuned for updates...

My train hit another. I was behind that window. Luckily, nobody hurt.

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[Update 10:06 a.m.] Amtrak released a statement about the incident, calling it "a minor derailment" to an Acela train with 248 passengers and crew members. However, it didn't mention the NJ Transit train that was also damaged due to the derailment:

[Update 10:24 a.m.] One train passenger told DNAinfo that "we had just left the station and then there was some banging — a thud — and we stopped," before the train had really gotten that far. They also report that three people are injured.

NJ Transit also tweeted a confirmation that the Amtrak train clipped their train after it derailed:

Update 11:19 a.m.: NJ Transit service in and out of Penn Station is still suspended, while Amtrak is warning customers going through Penn Station to expect delays.