The busiest - and most profitable - section of Amtrak's routes, the Northeast Corridor Line, has suffered a major power outage this morning from DC to Queens. At least four trains - three NJ Transit and one Amtrak - were stuck in the tunnel under the Hudson River, and one is stuck in a tunnel outside Baltimore. We're hearing that Amtrak is bringing in diesel-powered trains to push the trains out.

Amtrak says power was restored to parts near and in Washington. NJ Transit has suspended all its Northeast Corridor and NJ Coast Line service. Everyone will be rushing for buses!

Update: Feedburner's Rick Klau is blogging from one of the trains closer to Wilmington; his train has started to move.

Update 12:10PM: Apparently a pregnant woman on one of the stuck trains is having contractions!

Update: It seems that everyone has been evacuated from the trains and that the situation is under control. We think it's cute that commuters called NY1 to complain about their conditions: “We can't really get any clear information. They don't communicate. There's no air conditioning, no lights. I understand the staff doesn't know what's going on but they're not keeping us very well informed."

And no word on whether the pregnant lady had a baby.

Photographs from the AP