Police are searching for the Amtrak employee who shot a coworker in a Queens rail yard on Thursday morning, according to authorities. [Update below]

Categorizing the incident as a "coworker dispute," a spokesperson for the NYPD said that a suspect had shot the 53-year-old victim in the leg, then fled westbound on Northern Boulevard. The shooting occurred within Sunnyside Yard, which is owned by Amtrak, at around 8 a.m.

In a statement, a spokesperson for the company said that "Amtrak Police are working with NYPD investigating a shooting incident at our Sunnyside Yard location, an equipment and servicing facility in Queens, NY."

"The suspect is known, and a search for the suspect is ongoing," the statement continued. “The area has been secured by the Amtrak Police Department and NYPD. There is no impact to train operations."

The victim was transported to an area hospital, and is in stable condition, authorities said.

"He knows who this person is but I don't know if he's identified him yet, because he's been shot," a police spokesperson added.

UPDATE: The Amtrak employee who allegedly shot his coworker has reportedly committed suicide. According to the Queens Ledger, police officers located the 48-year-old suspect in a Cadillac SUV on Roosevelt Avenue, below the 52nd Street subway station. Following a standoff with armed officers, the man fatally shot himself in the chest, the Ledger reports.

A police spokesperson confirmed to Gothamist that a man was found inside the vehicle with a self-inflicted gun shot wound. He was rushed to Elmhurst Hospital in critical condition, police said.