The Post reports that the national sales director of free newspaper AM New York was arrested for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend earlier this month. Apparently Ronald Spears was "was taken out of the paper's offices in handcuffs by police on Nov. 17 and charged with four counts of misdemeanor assault... He is alleged to have brandished a frying pan, pushed his girlfriend to the ground and attempted to strangle her while screaming, 'I am going to teach you not to mess with me."

Police sources also tell the Post that Spears "Spears allegedly assaulted [Angela] Tyler in her Midtown apartment on Nov. 11 around 11 p.m. after the couple had been partying at the nightclub Tao. Spears placed his forearm and hands on Tyler's neck, attempting to strangle the victim, according to the charges. He also tried to prevent Tyler from using her phone to call 911. A neighbor was said to have heard the assault."

Spears spent a night at Manhattan Detention Center and left after making $1500 bail. No one from AMNY or Cablevision—which owns AMNY (through Newsday's holdings)—commented on Spears' arrest.