Well, so much for even pretending to get anything done. PolitickerNY reports, "Three Democratic state senators walked out of the still-divided chamber this afternoon before their Democratic colleagues convened into a regular session. While it didn't have any effect on the session's outcome--there was no quorum, and as such, no bills were acted on--it was a very public show of disunity in a conference that looks increasingly frayed." The three senators were Sens. Carl Kruger, Hiram Monserrate and Ruben Diaz Sr.—three of the four Amigos (the fourth is Pedro Espada Jr., who is aligned with the Republicans these days). The Daily Politics notes that Diaz Sr. issued a statement to assure people he wasn't switching parties, I refuse to allow myself to continue to be used and to be part of the circus where we vote for bill that governor refuses to sign... I am just tired of this circus." Hey, you and millions of New Yorkers! Also, Senator Eric Adams (D-Brooklyn) ranted about the Republicans, the NY Post, and many other things while John Sampson, the Democratic conference leader, said the Republicans and Espada are just interested in "T Triple P"—title, power, pork and patronage—and that's why no agreement has been made yet.