Now that conductors have been told to use "enhanced care" when entering and leaving subway stations (*cough* slowdown *cough*) it is about time for the MTA and the Transit Workers Union Local 100 to start talking again, no? Well, good news everybody! Talks between the two sides—which broke down two weeks ago over leaks to the media—are reportedly going to start again on Thursday.

Talks collapsed the last time—TWU Local 100 head John Samuelsen walked out in a huff—when a January 19th story in the Daily News laid out the terms that the two sides were disputing (the MTA was offering 1% annual raises if the union could find the cash elsewhere and accepted rule changes). But now things are getting back on track. Though how long it will take is anyone's guess.

As for that slowdown that isn't technically a slowdown? We've heard various reports from riders. Some say their trains seem to be taking extra long breaks between stations while others have actually been reporting easy commutes. Did you notice a change this week?