2005_10_freedomtower.jpgAfter his controversial remarks about wanting to get World Trade Center developer Larry Silverstein out of the Ground Zero picture, Mayor Bloomberg discussed his ideas for redevelopment at a campagin stop in the Bronx. There should be housing where the Deutsche Bank once stood, and the Port Authority can move to 3 World Trade Center. Obviously he read the Paul Goldberger article in the New Yorker about Ground Zero development earlier this year, too! Of course, this has politicians in a tizzy. The NY Sun summarizes reactions: Governor George Pataki says he's perplexed, State Assembly Leader Sheldon Silver says he's outraged, and Senator Charles Schumer says Bloomberg "does not make any sense." That's because Deputy Daniel Doctoroff agreed to bulid 10 million square feet of office space downtown, while, as the Governor's statement reads, "advocating for more than 25 million square feet of commercial real estate on the West Side." Oh, yeah, that. Well, Mayor Bloomberg can chalk up this new tune to "The Result of the Weeks-Before-Election Brainstorming Session on Visionary Ideas." Senator Schumer did fault Silverstein for not being aggressive enough in getting tenants into 7 World Trade Center.

What Gothamist is curious about is how New Yorkers feel about the Mayor's plans for Ground Zero. Even though his flipflopping about commercial space is slippery politician stuff he claims not to do, we have to say its refreshing to hear a new, if late, perspective on this that makes more sense. And the NY times does note that the Regional Plan Association says the Mayor is right: "At the Listening to the City public forums in July 2002, more than 5,000 New Yorkers called for a reduction in office space on the site in favor of more civic, cultural and residential space."