If you had a dream last night that ee cummings went around replacing all the street signs in your neighborhood, you may want to stop taking your medication: it's happening. An EV Grieve reader pointed out the first "signs" of the lowercase-ization of the city's 250,000 street signs as part of a $27.5 million federal program that is supposed to make the signs easier to read. As our scientific poll showed, most people think this idea is a waste of money, and the reader who sent the photo in feels that we'll all die a little inside when the changes are made: "They may not look like much, but I was still shocked by their ability to make a quiet corner of Greenwich Village look like…well, every other town in the US."

The DOT claims that the cost of the program to the city will be "marginal," with Albany picking up most of the bill, but if the Federal Highway Administration really believes that people will be able to read the lowercase signs easier, what does this mean for internet commenters everywhere? Clearview, the font that has slowly been replacing the Highway Gothic on roads across the country, has been helping tweaked-out drivers squint a little easier for years now. Will no one stop the "Americanization" of our city's street signs?