The Port Authority has agreed to a three-year lease extension for American Stevedoring in Red Hook. The port is the only working port in Brooklyn; the PA is still considering putting a cruise terminal in the southern part of Red Hook. The Post writes this "will hold off on swapping cargo ships for condos" for the moment, but Gothamist is unsure if the area that American Stevedoring, the port service and transportation provider, occupies is the same one where an Ikea or a retail-residential development is to be put up. And who knew that the "small tidal strait" between Brooklyn and Governor's Island was called Buttermilk Channel?

And Gothamist's favorite use of the word stevedore came in a Season 4 episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer; it's disturbing, yet the only time we've heard the word "stevedore" uttered out loud.