American Apparel Store NYC

Did anyone else notice that the feel-good, environment-loving, Gothamist T-shirt supplying American Apparel company has opened two retail shops in New York? One is on 6th Avenue and the other is on Broadway- both in the village. If it was up to Gothamist, all of our clothes would be produced by American Apparel. There are three things we love about their gear: it is not made in sweatshops, it doesn't have obnoxious labels or designs (today we saw a girl wearing an "Anwhere but Pianos" T-shirt again... without a trace of irony!), and the cotton is soft and thin. If there is one thing that Gothamist hates, it's bulky cotton. Apparently, many other NYC designers agree, because in addition to supplying Tiny Factory, AA supplies Neighborhoodies and a bunch of other shops. Our favorite American Apparel designs? The melange M434 T-shirt (we're releasing new versions of the Gothamist T-shirt this week!) and the 4451 Baby Rib. And bajesus- has anyone noticed that American Apparel likes the busty models on its website? We have! Here and here and here and here and here.