2008_04_aalogo.jpgAmerican Airlines canceled 500 flights in order to inspect its MD-80 planes. Two weeks ago, American had canceled hundreds of flights for inspections for this issue, but on Monday, the FAA found issues, which American says are "related to detailed, technical compliance issues and not safety-of-flight issues."

The concern is over a bundle of wires in the plane's wheel wells (the landing gear could damage the wires, then affecting the backup hydraulic systems). More cancellations are expected today, and American recommends travelers check their flights before coming to the airport.

As the cancellations occurred yesterday, WCBS 2 found most would-be passengers at Laguardia "were so upset they wanted no part of the media," but a few shared their thoughts. One said, "I don't know why something so critical to safety they don't stay up with. They don't pay attention to it and it makes no sense to me."

Many airlines have canceled flights in order to inspect aging planes, and last month, the NY Times reported there is a growing worry about airplane maintenance, "especially because of the widespread airline outsourcing of maintenance that used to be done in-house."

Update: American canceled 1,000 flights today, about a third of its total daily flights.