A week after American Airlines lost Jack the Cat at JFK airport, the airline still has no promising leads in its search, and there have been no confirmed sightings. Jack's owner, Karen Pascoe, started the Facebook page "Jack The Cat is Lost in AA Baggage at JFK," after American Airlines baggage handlers didn't return her calls for three days. Now the Facebook page has 10,000 likes, and the airline suddenly finds itself grappling with a public relations debacle. So, uh, they're wondering if any other airlines would like to join the fun?

In a Facebook update, American Airlines reports that "we have asked all other airlines at JFK to join us in the search for Jack." It's a p.r. gamble—if they can't find Jack, any new airline that joins the hunt will have a dead cat hanging around its neck. On the other hand, it's an opportunity to come off as a big hero if Jack surfaces unharmed. It's really too bad Spirit Airlines doesn't fly out of JFK—they love turning tragedy into advertising. Discounted flights to CATLANTIC CITY would be great synergy.

American reports that Pascoe has accepted their offer to fly her from California to New York to assist with the search "and see first-hand our efforts to locate Jack." Extra traps have been set, extensive CCTV footage in the immediate and surrounding areas are under review, they're holding daily briefings to review progress and "generate any ideas" for locating Jack, and a Wildlife Management representative has been consulted. Also: pet detective.

Nicole Mabrey, owner of Lost Pet Investigation in Virginia, is coming up to JFK with her dog Spencer to assist in the search for Jack in the cavernous American Airlines baggage area. "It's a heartbreaking situation," Mabrey tells the Daily News. "Mistakes happen, but at least American Airlines is letting us in there to look." At press time, President Obama has yet to comment on the situation, nor announced plans to personally tour the baggage claim area. IS JACK OBAMA'S KATRINA?!