073008aafail.jpgPhoto courtesy Mike Xinnachs / WCBS 880; image artwork by mattmolnar.

Today's a worse-than-usual day to fly American; it’s being reported that the airline’s baggage system is “not functioning” at JFK. Flights were being delayed earlier this morning while workers struggled to fix the unspecified malfunction, but finally the airline just said the hell with it and resumed flights without checked luggage on board. This also means the TSA is manually screening bags. AA has told passengers they can wait for other flights if they don't want to travel without their bags. It's also unclear whether passengers will still be charged the checked bag fee.

The American Airlines situation at JFK still seems to be a mess, with about 25 flights delayed due to a computer "glitch" in the software that controls the baggage sorting conveyor belt. As of 1 p.m., delays were ranging from an hour to an hour and a half, according to Reuters. In the meantime, one Gothamist reader took the time to vent with the image above.