Amazon seems to be really serious about making it easier for those of us without doormen to get deliveries without sending packages to the office. Seems that their mysterious delivery lockers aren't just being tested in Seattle 7-Elevens, they are also being tested in New York Rite Aids! A tipster writes that they stumbled upon one of the very grey setups at the Rite Aid on 24th Street and 8th Avenue. Further, A Great Big City seems to have found them in a few other Rite Aids (and we're hearing rumors they've appeared in at least one Gristides as well).

From what we understand users will be given a unique code which will open the correct locker when inputed when you have a package. Amazon hasn't responded to our requests for comment on how these guys actually are going to work yet—has anyone actually used these glorified PO Boxes? How'd they work for you?