Ooh—feast your eyes on this idea proposed to Metropolis Magazine for its Next Generation design competition. Downtown firm GRO's idea was "Docking Stations, a system of modular floating docks that would harness clean energy produced by the tidal action of New York City rivers... According to the proposal—by Richard Garber, Nicole Robertson, and Brian Novello, of GRO Architects—Docking Stations would 'plug in' to the city’s existing piers, 'extending them further into the river to optimize clean energy generation while increasing public green space and tidal pools for wildlife.' The energy produced could be used to help power city streetlamps."

More details here—GRO adds, "There is already precedent for turbines creating energy in the waters off of New York City though the Roosevelt Island Tidal Energy project (RITE), however, our scheme seeks to generate a similar amount of energy while creating new public spaces and tidal pools through which expanded contact with river-based programs occur." However, the winning design was featured wind turbines that could be integrated into existing electrial towers. [Via Curbed]