Tomorrow night the National League All-Stars will feature two legitimate starters from the home team: Matt Harvey on the mound and David Wright at third. This isn't just in deference to the Mets, who are hosting the All-Star Game for the first time in 49 years. Matt Harvey has had one of the most amazing years for a young pitcher in recent memory. Even while skipping a recent start because of a blister, Harvey is the second-best pitcher in the NL by wins above replacement (#1 NL pitcher Adam Wainwright is ineligible to play tomorrow). If stats aren't your thing, see for yourself: one of the marks of a great pitcher is his ability to throw different pitches with the same approach.

The Mets have endured one ignominy after another this year. Whether scheduling an American Indian Heritage day against the Braves (now cancelled, of course), a rogue ticket agent wooing cougars, making 4-year olds cry, or acting as landlords to Amway—and that's just the last two months of the Gothamist Mets archive—Mets fans have had their loyalty severely stress-tested.

GM Sandy Alderson's plan can be described briefly as "get good pitching and figure the rest out," the thinking being that pitchers are harder to find than hitters. Recently successful teams like the A's, Red Sox and Giants bear this theory out. If the trend continues, the Mets do indeed have a bright future, as they also sent starters to the mound for both the American and International teams yesterday's "Futures" game in Queens. Being king of the hill will be great feeling for Mets fans tomorrow when Harvey throws out the game's first pitch, but it will be even better to have that feeling at the end of the season. And hopefully the Mets won't have to wait another 49 years to feel that way again.