The Yankees are in the playoffs, and the Jets and Giants seasons are well underway, so of course this is a perfect time to talk about the laughable losers of NY sports franchises, the Knicks! New star forward Amare Stoudemire is one of the five cover stars of the latest ESPN magazine "Body Issue." Since we are certainly no experts, we'll leave it to you as how this compares with the Jets newest wide receiver, Santonio Holmes.

The Knicks will definitely need their new superstar—they played well and won their first preseason game, led by Stoudemires 32 points, but rested him for much of Wednesday night's loss to the Timberwolves. But there's still a slim chance he may get some superstar help: the Knicks are still trying to make a deal for disgruntled Nuggets star Carmelo Anthony.

Since the Nets' deal fell through last month, trade talks for Anthony have quieted, but all indications remain that he will be moved at some point this year (and Anthony has made it clear the Knicks are his number one destination). Knicks president Donnie Walsh has made inroads to acquire a 2011 first round draft pick, for the purposes of enticing the Nuggets. There has also been talk of acquiring Portland Trail Blazer Rudy Fernandez if that falls through. Of course, they could skip all that and just make the typical Knicks-overpay-faded-star-with-bum-knees route by signing Allen Iverson, who is so unwanted in the NBA he's thinking about heading to China.