Alternate Olympics bid logo

Thanks to a kind source, Gothamist received the runner-up Olympic bid logo designs that Pentagram's Paula Scher worked on. The logo above, one of four variations (see below), has three sports represented - the three others have one or two sports, or simply buildings. Gothamist happens to like this direction better than the selected logo (a broader context of NYC, athletes), but in the context of the Olympics, it's too close to Miro's work, as well as previous Olympics logos for Barcelona and Sydney. Clearly, this designing a logo that captures many elements (NYC, the Olympics, athleticism, etc.) and keeps in mind certain design requirments (like the fact, as optimus brought up in comments yesterday, the logo needs to be blown up or reduced) is a huge challenge. And the selected design is okay - it's not offensive, it has certain good things about it, but overall, it's just underwhelming and the spoofs strike more of a chord. Of course, now that we've seen these runners-up, we're wondering if anyone else can send us some other considered designs.