Chaos erupted in an Emergency Room waiting area at a Bronx hospital last night when an unidentified man opened fire during an altercation. Details about the 7 p.m. shooting are still emerging, but witnesses say the gunman had come to the Bronx-Lebanon Hospital in search of a rival gang member he'd fought with earlier in the day. "All you heard was a ruckus," one witness tells NY1. "Next thing you heard was a pop, pop, pop, and the next thing you know, you see all these kids and everyone running back to where the doctors are."

A 37-year-old nurse was hit with bullet fragments in his shoulder, and a security guard, 42, was also hit with a ricocheting bullet. Both wounds are being described as "superficial" and the victims are in stable condition. Several people are being questioned in connection with the shooting, including a man with a gash under his eye—it's believed that he sustained the injury during an earlier fight with the gunman, and came to the hospital for stitches. Trouble followed.

The hospital, at Grand Concourse and 173rd Street, does not have metal detectors but has guards stationed at every entrance. One doctor tells the Times the neighborhood is so dangerous that the hospital provided cars to escort workers to the train station. "We kind of expect it in this area, because it’s so dangerous," he tells the Times. "Of course we didn’t expect it to be in the hospital, but I’m not surprised, because anything can happen here."

As usual, NY 1 gets the best quotes. "How can someone be so dangerous and not thoughtful to hurt someone in a hospital?" one witness asks the news station. "Because this is a place where you come to get cured. You don't come here to get hurt."