We probably won't get sunsets as dramatic as last night's, but today and tomorrow should be pleasant, with high temperatures around 50 F. Look for a rainy and windy Wednesday.

How far into the future do you trust your weather forecast? Gothamist is curious to see how accurate seven-day forecasts are, and how the forecasts change as we get closer to the forecast date. This week we are going to keep track of three forecasts for next Sunday. The Weather Service is predicting a high temperature of 48 F and a 30 percent chance of rain. AccuWeather thinks it will get up to 51 F with "afternoon rain possible". also thinks we'll get up to 51 on Sunday with a 20 percent chance of rain. The forecasts are in remarkably close agreement for weather that won't occur for another week. We'll follow these forecasts to see what adjustments are made to them during the week.