An Alphabet City teen who was visiting family in Staten Island was shot and killed this week for his costume jewelry. Shytik Bowman, 17, was shot three times on Thursday night when he popped out to a nearby convenient store for a snack. And his family is disgusted that he was apparently killed over a piece of jewelry: "Something as materialistic as that. You take my son's life for that. A bracelet can be replaced, but a life can't," said the teen's father, Kendrick Moore.

Police sources confirmed to the Staten Island Advance that a piece of Bowman's jewelry may have drawn the interest of the robber, and it was not found on his body. Bowman was only a few weeks shy of turning 18, and his Aunt who he had been visiting at the time of his murder said that, "all he wanted to do was play his music and do his art. He's not going to get that chance to do it and it's sad." Bowman's grandmother was equally heartbroken: "It is senseless violence that took Shytik's life...All of our young kids are getting killed. We need to do something about it. And I dearly loved my grandson," said Roselle Wright.

As a reader pointed out, Bowman was charged with third-degree possession of a weapon last year after cops found a sawed-off .22 caliber single-action rifle and a silencer in his backpack at Legacy High School.