It looks like Jets coach Sal Alosi was no lone gunman. Though Alosi denied it yesterday, Sal Alosi has now admitted that he instructed inactive players to form a "wall" on the sidelines and force the Miami "gunners" around them. Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum announced the new findings and Alosi's new punishment, and says the team hasn't ruled out firing Alosi altogether. He said, "I'm very disappointed in what's happened. All options are on the table."

Alosi had already been fined and suspended for the rest of the season, but Tannenbaum says the other players came forward about his actions. "It was unusual for (the players) to be standing that way," Tannenbaum said. "On Tuesday, we talked to the players involved. That's when we were told that they were asked to stand there by Sal... But specifically when Miami was punting, they were asked to stand there by him." And though the practice is not illegal, it's considered unsportsmanlike, and the Jets don't need more of that right now.

The Jets are continuing to investigate the situation with the NFL, but say they won't take action against the players involved.