2007_02_niagara2.jpgUh oh, wait till State Senator Carl Kruger hears about this! A Polish tourist was rescued from an icy patch at the "brink of Niagara Falls" on Saturday. The AP reports that 29-year-old Waldek Kubicki "slid down a hill as he tried to retrieve a dropped cell phone." Kubicki had been stranded on an "iced-over rock formation" for almost an hour. The photograph at top shows Kubicki stranded; in the photograph at left, Kubicki is behind pulled by the rope with State Parks officer behind him. Kubicki and a friend were visited Niagara Falls for the day; Kubicki has been in Lancaster, PA to study English on a six-month program.

So, naturally, as Kruger wants to make cell phone (and iPod and Blackberry) usage illegal and fine-able as New Yorkers cross the street, we wonder if excessive attachment to cell phones will be against the law. Or maybe he'll require that gadgets are properly strapped in.

Photographs of Saturday's Niagara cell phone adventure by Eileen Koteras Elibol/AP