red_flags_2005_09.jpgWhat's a Red Flag Day you say? It's nothing like a red letter day, and has nothing to do with godless commies. Red Flag warnings are issued when conditions are ripe for wildfires. With no rain in almost two weeks and hot, dry, windy weather predicted for today wildfires are not out of the question. There's not a lot of shrubs or trees in Midtown, but Gothamist would suggest not lighting a charcoal fire directly under trees as we saw one family do in McCarren Park yesterday.

And it will be hot and dry and windy today. Highs in the lower- to mid-90s. Slightly less hot, but more humid tomorrow. Like hot weather? Better enjoy the next couple of days as this may be our last blast of it until next Spring.

The beguiling and meandering Ophelia continues to beguile and meander. From tropical storm to hurricane back to tropical storm and now, possibly later today, back to hurricane again. The same ridge of high pressure that is bringing us warm, sunny weather is preventing Ophelia from doing much of anything. The local Weather Service office is hedging their bets that rains from Ophelia will be here later in the week. The National Hurricane Center is currently thinking she will continue to churn off the Carolina coast for a few more days before moving anywhere.