Family members, friends, and fans of the Queens rapper Lionel "Chinx" Pickens, will gather at Greater Allen AME Cathedral in Jamaica on Tuesday to celebrate his life following his murder in Briarwood this past weekend.

Details of the wake and funeral were announced on social media on Thursday. Pickens's supporters have also set up an online fundraising campaign to help his wife and three kids. As of Friday, it's raised almost $14,000. The 31-year-old's widow spoke to ABC7 earlier this week.

She was angrier on Facebook, writing, "I wish a slow torturous death on who ever did this to my baby," according to the Daily News. An earlier version of the News's story indicated that detectives had singled out a blue car following Pickens's Porsche in surveillance video, but the mention has since been removed. Police are analyzing license-plate readers and surveillance footage to try to pin down the suspects, according to AM New York.

Antar Alziadi, a fellow affiliate of rapper French Montana's Coke Boys crew, was riding shotgun with Pickens at the time of the early-morning shooting, and was critically injured. He lashed out at people sniping on his Instagram page in a video from his hospital bed, according to the News.

"All you motherf------ fake-a-- motherf-----s that's hating and talking s--- on my f------ page, get the f--- out of here with that s---," he said as he wagged a finger at the camera while sitting in his hospital bed. Alziadi, who also goes by Yemen Cheese, has since created a new Instagram page and made it private, writing in his bio, "TOO MANY HATERS ON MY LAST PAGE! THEY TOOK MY BRO CHINX!"

Others flooded the internet with memorials, including French Montana and his girlfriend Khloe Kardashian.

Pls tell me this ain't real I still can't believe it I can't even cry no more damn gzz

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Pickens, who previously performed as Chinx Drugz, had enjoyed modest regional fame on the strength of several mixtapes and features on French Montana songs, including the single "I'm A Coke Boy." But he never found broader success as a solo artist. He had recently completed recording his first album when he was killed, his wife said.

Pickens was a protege of fellow Far Rockaway native Rayquon Elliott, who rapped under the name Stack Bundles, and many have remarked on the eerie similarity between their murders. Elliott was shot dead in his Porsche in 2007. Elliott's brother told the News the two killings could be related.

"They were tight. They were a crew. And I just think if a person commits a crime as harsh as killing, and they think they got away with it, they will surface and do it again," he said.

The NYPD famously runs a secretive unit within its Intelligence Division devoted to tracking crimes involving rappers, leading some in the industry to publicly denounce "the hip-hop police." All of Pickens's friends and family members interviewed so far have been cooperative, though, police said.