A Staten Island couple whose wrecked home was featured in an AllState TV commercial touting the company's response to Hurricane Sandy says they're not getting the payout they deserve. Sheila and Dominic Traina of New Dorp evacuated their home as Sandy bore down and returned to find half of it in the street. Neighbors who stayed behind say their roof was torn off and walls toppled over by high winds before the area was flooded. But the Trainas, who lived there for 43 years, say AllState is attributing the damage to flooding, which, conveniently, the Trainas were not insured for.

The commercial shows compassionate AllState insurance agents commiserating with hurricane victims and surveying the damage. "The commercial said how caring their agents are," Mrs. Traina tells the Staten Island Advance "but they are not caring at all.” The company offered the couple a $10,000 payout, which they say is completely inadequate. So they've rejected it and hired a lawyer to help them prove that the house was damaged by the wind, which would be covered under their general insurance policy.

"It’s an insult," Mr. Traina tells the Post. "Especially after we were advertised in their commercial. They’re supposed to help you, not hurt you." He says he saw the commercial, called "1,000 Thank-Yous," on Thanksgiving, and says it made him feel "disgusted. I said, look at the all the trouble we’re getting with AllState and this is what they’re putting on TV. That was terrible."

An AllState spokesperson insists the commercial was "produced in accordance with all applicable advertising laws" and that the company remains “in contact with this customer and continues to work with them regarding their claim."