Gothamist hasn't really heard that much about protests outside the U.N. during the World Summit, probably because the news has been focused on Hurricane Katrina, Judge Roberts, and the mayoral election hoo-ha. And most of the U.N. news has been that the President wants some help or that traffic is terrible. So we were glad that Newsday had a story and a good gallery of protestor pictures outside the U.N. and the hotels where the leaders are staying. There are a lot of protestors who want to free Tibet and oppose Iranian politicians. In fact, the Free Tibet protestors rushed the police outside the Waldorf (where Chinese President Hu Jintao is staying), only to be restrained and possibly arrested.

Do you work around the U.N. or the swank hotels where leaders are staying? Have you seen protestor-police scuffles? Here's one protest picture from Flickr: Points for creative use of props. Maybe some others can wear kid's training potties to protest President Bush.

Photo from the AP