Temperatures are mercifully rising today, with a disorienting high of 58 forecast for this afternoon, but there's still plenty of ice out there on the sidewalks and streets this morning. Yours truly almost biffed several times on the way to work, and I saw one woman go down hard on Broadway in Williamsburg. Be sure to allow extra travel time to fall and fracture a hip.

A travel advisory remains in effect for NYC today, with light rain this morning expected to turn into heavy rains this afternoon. An announcement from mayor de Blasio warns that "minor coastal flooding is possible during Tuesday afternoon and evening high tide cycles." Last week, hight tides caused flooding so severe in parts of Queens that it gave some residents Sandy flashbacks.

The treacherous thing about this morning's ice is that in many places it lurks beneath shallow, deceptive puddles of water. When arriving at any patch of sidewalk that hasn't been salted recently, you're going to want to proceed with caution. Take it slow. Remember: you're of no use to the capitalist system of worker exploitation if you're injured; an army of desperate millennials are more than ready to take your place if you wind up in the hospital with a broken wrist. They get paid in Instagram likes!

And bring an umbrella for later!


P.S. Walk like a penguin.

P.P.S. You can report buildings that have left sidewalks icy and dangerous here.