2006_05_14_allergies.jpg All our sniffling has been vindicated! Huzzah!

According to the Times Sunday Styles (so take this with a grain of salt, obvs.) the crazy amounts of allergens floating around this spring mean that "this season may be ushering in a new era of allergy pride."

Like so many people, apparently, we've spent the fast weeks with a constant nasal drip, a packet of kleenex in every pair of pants and the near constant feeling of a sneeze coming on. We'd thought that this was a particularly bad season for allergies, but we weren't sure if it was just us and we didn't have anything conclusive to point to. Now we do:

Dr. Philip Hemmers, an allergist at Long Island College Hospital in Brooklyn, takes pollen counts every morning for the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology with a device mounted on the hospital roof. He said that after a mild winter, the tree pollen count in the city this spring is the highest in at least the last five years — two to three times normal levels for spring. Because of that, and an overall increase over the last decade in the percentage of people in industrialized countries suffering from all sorts of allergies, he is seeing more patients than ever giving what he calls "the allergic salute."

"They have a crease on their nose from constant itching and pushing up on it all day," Dr. Hemmers, 30, said.

So now that this is out in the open, we can talk about it, right? How are you dealing with this heavy allergy season? We take Claritin when things get really bad, but it's still no Seldane (we're still bummed that it got recalled - now that was a kick ass allergy drug!).

Dandellions = Allergies by webchango via Contribute.