Since 10-time All-Star guard and former Philadelphia 76er Allen Iverson was released from his one year contract with the Memphis Grizzlies earlier this week (he only played in three games with them, off the bench, this season), all the talk has revolved around whether or not the dismal 1-9 Knicks might sign him to a short term contract. The Knicks GM Donnie Walsh had flirted with signing "The Answer" briefly last summer, and cautiously said on Monday that they'd "look into it."

Now the Post and ESPN both agree it seems like a long shot to fit the controversial (not to mention practice-averse) Iverson into the team. Although he'd add instant scoring power to the anemic squad, he would also add another combustible part to a team already severely lacking in chemistry, and it would take away playing time from many of their young developing players.

Current Knick Larry Hughes offered his own take to the Post today: "Any talent is good...You can never have too much talent. It's about putting all the pieces together. A team can never have too much talent."